Who, or what, is The Cambeo Group?

The Cambeo Group is a Software and Solutions company that helps organizations achieve exceptional results. This is done with a simple yet powerful set of software tools and resources that increase organization effectiveness so profitability and overall organization potential improves.

What does The Cambeo Group do?

The Cambeo Group mission is to enable exceptional organization performance in a short window of time by providing organization effectiveness tools that are accessible, affordable and easy to implement for all organizations. The Cambeo Group brings the power of management consulting to the masses.

Why is this needed, or why should you care?

Most organizations strive to continually improve, and many struggle to even achieve modest levels of effectiveness. Enormous investments are made in wages, physical facilities, infrastructure, products, sales, marketing and administrative expenses. But typically very little is invested to ensure organizations are effective. This may result from lack of understanding, disorganization, resource limitation, time constraints or a host of other reasons.

Regardless of the reason, the results are costly as hundreds of thousands of organizations fail every year. Even more struggle along, trying to achieve relevance and the objectives they have defined. Ineffective organizations fail to realize the potential available to them to generate profit. They are often riddled with problems, and worst of all unhappy employees and customers.  But great successes also abound and Cambeo can give organizations a tremendous infusion of focus, energy and effectiveness. If you are ready to build on your current success, if you are ready for exceptional organization performance, then engage us and let us help you succeed.


What does The Cambeo Group do for you?

The Cambeo Group provides all of the following hosted software and consulting services to each client:


  1. 1.     Online Organization Effectiveness Assessment – Every organization wants to “be on target”, “on track”, “on the path”, “on the money”, “on top,” or any number of common business phrases, but how do you really know if you are?  Cambeo provides an online assessment that succinctly captures key measures that are vital for organization effectiveness. The assessment includes the following:
  • A combination of quantitative scaled rankings and summary narrative data
  • Ability to add custom measures that are specific to your organization’s objectives or needs
  • Ability to compile by store, district/region, corporate, overall company
  • Custom report summarizing strengths, weaknesses, priority areas for focus and recommended actions
  • A custom live strategy session for your organization to review and apply results to your specific setting and needs
  • Ability to re-take the assessment to measure trends and progress, new stores, etc.
  1. 2.     Online video training on the following areas: (topics in bold will be part of the initial offering, with other topics to be added over time).
  • Interviewing and selection – how to hire the best

Interviewing processes and hiring decisions are an ongoing and vital part of business. The challenge is selecting employees with great talent. Cambeo trains organizations in proven interviewing and selection techniques with a core of Behavioral Event Interviewing. With these proven techniques your management will see clear improvements in the quality of personnel hired which translates to increased productivity, sales, and profits. 


  • Outstanding sales competencies  

Great selling is much more than simply ringing up items at the register. Great selling better serves the customer, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, and at the same time increases frequency and magnitude of sales.  This training module provides clarity on the significance and potential every customer represents, powerful instruction and modeling on the key differences between poor and outstanding sales competencies, and how every associate can increase their sales.

  • Customer engagement and service – making exceptional customer service a hallmark of your company and team.

Every company stresses the importance of the customer but very few build customer focused competencies into a differentiated position in their market. Cambeo training on customer engagement and exceptional customer service reframes the importance of the customer and provides very tangible methods to effectively engage and service customers. These methods create loyal repeat customers.  


  • Building your store and your brand

Building a great store and brand takes more than just showing up. This training module teaches individuals and teams how they can build a store that is not only profitable, but one they are proud to be a part of.


  • Developing the team and Contributing through the team

Strong individual performance is good, but leveraging individual strengths throughout the team and contributing through the entire team is exponentially more powerful. This module helps take team performance to a whole new level.


  • Leadership – Leading vs. Managing

Leaders impact every aspect of the organization. The effects of poor leadership can take months or even years to overcome. And sometimes the effects of a poor leader end the franchise. This module teaches important leadership skills that lead to better results, better employees, better employee and customer satisfaction.


  1. 3.     Employee effectiveness assessment – assessing the ongoing effectiveness of your team members is important and can be tracked and trended so you can easily see how each associate is performing as well as overall teams/stores. These measures are continually available through the hosted software application as a powerful tool for organization leaders to view results, reinforce success, and improve areas needing development.
  • Capture of quantitative sales data
  • Capture assessment of associates based on key performance measures
  • Capture assessment of store assistant managers/supervisors on key performance measures
  • Capture assessment of store manager on key performance measures
  • Capture assessment of overall store on key performance measures
  • Capture hiring effectiveness through hiring pedigree – Scoring of each manager on hiring effectiveness based on the overall effectiveness of the employees they brought into the organization.
  • All of the above data can be trended (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  1. 4.     Partner resource portal – go to destination for effectiveness – providing ongoing access to:
  • Best practices, articles, blogs, postings
  • Templates
  • Policies and procedures
  • Question and Answer forums
  • Other resources


Where do we go from here?

The Cambeo Group’s mission is to enable exceptional organization performance by offering organization effectiveness tools that are accessible, affordable and easy to implement for all organizations. In order to make that possible, the price point for all of these hosted services has been dramatically limited to only $1,188 per store . Ongoing annual renewals for all the services continue at the low rate of $1,188 per store. At that rate, an equivalent of only $99.00 per store each month, organizations can’t afford not to make this minimal investment in their own success.