How to Provide Excellent Retail Customer Service

By Vanessa Faultz, eHow Contributor


Providing excellent retail customer service can be simple and very rewarding to both the associate and the customer if it is done correctly. Read on to learn how to provide excellent retail customer service.


Difficulty:  Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need

  • Consumer/shopping experience
  • Smile
  • Personality
  1. The Associate and the Store Front

    • Think of what it means to be a customer–what it feels like when you walk into a retail store. What do you expect from an associate? Whether you’re coming in to browse, make a purchase or return an item you want the same quality of service–excellent.
    • Start by dropping whatever you’re doing when your customer enters. Your customer is your number one priority.
    • Smile. The very first thing a customer should see is a smile.This creates a warm and welcome first impression.
    • Use a welcome message. Say your store’s greeting with a pleasant and upbeat voice. Your voice should not be monotonous, it should have inflection.
    • Be consistent. Every customer must be greeted.

    The Shopping Experience

    • Be available. It is not necessary nor is it advised to hound a customer or follow them around. However, make yourself available for their needs, periodically checking on them but careful not to interrupt their shopping experience.
    • Know your product. Your customer may very well ask you for your advice. You should know what you’re talking about.
    • Lend your expertise, if asked, for item choices. Make honest suggestions, not suggestions just to make a sale. Being genuine will help you receive the customer’s trust in your taste and opinions.

    The Fitting Rooms1

    • Continue to be available. Make sure you don’t forget about your customer in the fitting rooms. Consistently check on them but don’t become annoying.2

    • Lend your advice when asked.

    • Be honest but polite. If a customer asks your opinion in the fitting room be honest. If the item is not a good fit, politely let them know, then suggest a better fit.

    The Register and Exit

    • Ask the customer did they enjoy their shopping experience and find everything they needed OK. You should actually be listening to their response for personal and store feedback.

    • Try to expedite their experience at the cash register as quickly as possible and don’t forget to tell them to return to your store for any further shopping needs.
    • Be sure to tell the customer on their way out to have a great day and reinforce that they return soon. Don’t forget that smile either.

    • Think about all of these practices throughout your day as a customer service provider. If you have fallen short of any of them, be sure to make improvements as needed.

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